CROC: finding chromosomal clusters in eukaryotic genomes.

TitleCROC: finding chromosomal clusters in eukaryotic genomes.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPignatelli M, Serras F, Moya A, Guigó R, Corominas M
Date PublishedJun

SUMMARY: There is increasing evidence showing that co-expression of genes that cluster along the genome is a common characteristic of eukaryotic transcriptomes. Several algorithms have been used to date in the identification of these kinds of gene organization. Here, we present a web tool called CROC that aims to help in the identification and analysis of genomic gene clusters. This method has been successfully used before in the identification of chromosomal clusters in different eukaryotic species. AVAILABILITY: The web server is freely available to non-commercial users at the following address: