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Gene Function and Evolution

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Constitutive patterns of gene expression regulated by RNA-binding proteins



RNA-binding proteins regulate a number of cellular processes, including synthesis, folding, translocation, assembly and clearance of RNAs. Recent studies have reported that an unexpectedly large number of proteins are able to interact with RNA, but partners of many RNA-binding proteins are still uncharacterized. 

Neurodegenerative diseases: Quantitative predictions of protein-RNA interactions

Increasing evidence indicates that RNA plays an active role in a number of neurodegenerative diseases. We recently introduced a theoretical framework, catRAPID, to predict the binding ability of protein and RNA molecules. We used catRAPID to investigate ribonucleoprotein interactions linked to inherited intellectual disability, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Creutzfeuld-Jakob, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases.

Fermi's way

I found these nice lines about Enrico Fermi. I do really like the way he was teaching his people. 

No regular seminars, but a continuous flow with his collaborators.

(I am sorry that the original file is in Italian, but I can translate for you in case).


Learn a trade for a rainy day

It seems that the use of equations does not help to get published in biological journals (1). Yet, for some of us the equations have a clear, powerful and almost irreplaceable meaning. Benedetta and I collected a number of equations related to protein oligomerisation (2). Some formulas deal with very basic principles that can be applied to other polymers. Some equations were derived by us to predict the aggregation rates, with or without fitting of internal parameters.



The Protein-RNA world

A good colleague of mine, Marc Marti, sent me this article by Sidney Altman, which I find very inspiring. I enclose here the abstract


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