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Computational Biology of RNA Processing

I studied Biotechnology (undergraduate) and Bioinformatics (master) at the University of Bologna. I came to the Bionformatics and Genomics group in January 2008, initially just for the final project of my Bioinformatics master, then for a PhD until 2013, and finally for a short postdoc in 2015. In between, I visited the lab of Vadim Gladyshev at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, and the lab of John Atkins at University College Cork, Ireland.

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Installing programs and modules needed by Selenoprofiles

This page covers the installation of programs and modules used by selenoprofiles (profile-based gene prediction in genomes, you can find it here). Since I encountered some problems installing or running them in some computers, I created this page to help whoever will run in the same problems, this being to install selenoprofiles or not. All installations here refer to Unix systems. I will go through: blastall, exonerate, genewise and the python modules networkx, fpconst and SOAPpy.

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