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LncRNA Data Page - Gencode Version 7 Annotations

These data are described in the publication:

The GENCODE v7 catalogue of human long non-coding RNAs: Analysis of their gene structure, evolution and expression

Derrien et al

On this page you will find various data files relating to our work on lncRNA. 

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Model fitting for mixture models

Phylogenetic data arising on different tree topologies might be mixed on a given alignment. Models taking into it account usually contain a large number of parameters and the usual tests for model fitting cannot deal with them. Here we discuss an approach for model fitting of algebraic models on m-tree mixtures. This is joint work in progress with Marta Casanellas and Jesus Fernandez-Sanchez

Genome Research (2005): Comparison of Splice Sites in Mammals and Chicken


"Comparison of Splice Sites in Mammals and Chicken"

J. F. Abril, R. castelo, and R. Guigó *.

Bioinformatics (2004): Splice site identification by idlBNs

Splice Site Identification by idlBNs R. Castelo* and R. Guigó Bioinformatics, 20(1):i69-i76, 2004 [full text]

Science (2003): Selenoprotein gene prediction in Human

Characterization of mammalian selenoproteomes G. V. Kryukov, S. Castellano, S. V. Novoselov, A. V. Lobanov, O. Zehtab, R. Guigó and V. N. Gladyshev*.

PNAS (2003): Comparison of human and mouse genomes followed by experimental validation

SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS FOR Comparison of mouse and human genomes followed by experimental verification yields an estimated 1,019 additional genes

Genome Research (2003): Comparative Gene Prediction in Human and Mouse

SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS FOR Comparative gene prediction in human and mouse

Genome Research (2000): Gene Prediction Programs Evaluation in Large DNA Sequences

"An Assessment of Gene Prediction Accuracy in Large DNA Sequences." R. Guigó, P. Agarwal, J.F. Abril, M. Burset and J.W. Fickett. Genome Research 10(10):1631-1642 (2000).


Genome Research (2000): geneid in Drosophila melanogaster

"Geneid in Drosophila." G. Parra, E. Blanco, and R. Guigó. Genome Research 10(4):511-515 (2000).

Genomics (1996): Evaluation of gene structure prediction programs

"Evaluation of gene structure prediction programs." M. Burset and R. Guigó. Genomics, 34:353-357 (1996).


EMBO reports (2001): Selenoprotein gene prediction in the Fly

in silico identification of novel selenoproteins in the Drosophila melanogaster genome S. Castellano, N. Morozova, M. Morey, M.J. Berry, F. Serras, M. Corominas and R. Guigó*.

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